Choosing a Private School in Kuala Lumpur

There are a lot of options in picking a private or private school for your child’s educational needs located in Kuala Lumpur. There are boarding schools including international schools, day and boarding schools. Religious schools are also available that specialize in special needs, as well as general schools offering the general curriculum, liberal arts, and foreign languages programs. A lot of such schools are accessible to families who have financial difficulties. Here are some options when looking for a school that is private in Kuala Lumpur.

Epsom College is a boarding and day school

Located south of Kuala Lumpur, the British-inspired Epsom College is an independent day and boarding school for students between the ages of 11-18 years. It offers English-based education to students from kindergarten through year 12. The school offers both boarding and day programs and a preschool for kids aged 3 to eleven. Parents who would like to send their children to a foreign country should contact the school’s admission office.

The campus covers 50 acres of property with the lowest density. It provides both the option of boarding and day classes. It is a sister campus to the English-based Epsom College in the UK and offers Day and boarding classes. The curriculum is evaluated by international experts’ HSK standards. The school has outstanding academic performance, and students can gain entry to top colleges and businesses. ECiM provides internships in some of Malaysia’s most successful companies. Their holistic methodology to education lets students reach their full potential while preparing for life after school.

Taylor’s College offers an international academic school

Taylor’s College provides international education to students from all over the globe. Founded in 1984, the school has been offering high-quality instruction to its students since. The curriculum of SACEi focuses on the critical thinking process as well as literacy, numeracy and active participation in the local communities. The college’s focus will be on pre-university studies and professional programmes in line with Taylor’s Education Group’s positioning strategy. It will also continue to offer a range of English classes in the language.

Taylor’s Education Group Taylor’s Education Group is one of the most prestigious private education institutions located in Malaysia. It is the largest provider of education that has over 22,000 students. The company has since expanded its operations to Vietnam as well as Singapore as well as has earned been praised for its excellence. The school’s programs run by the company are well-respected and highly globally competitive. Taylor’s College can help you excel in any area of study, whether you’re looking for more than one language or international education.

Sekolah Sri Acmar

If your child is a student looking for an excellent private school, then look for Sekolah Sri Acmar in Klang Valley. It was established in 1997. The school strives for academic excellence. The school’s holistic approach allows students to succeed in their academics as much as in extracurricular activities. Staff members are highly skilled and dedicated to providing the best education possible. The campus is well protected, which ensures the security and safety of students as well as employees.

Sekolah Sri Acmar, a private coeducational institution, located in Bandar Baru Klang is part of 21st Century Township. It’s strategically situated within Klang town as well as Damansara in Damansara, which is 20 minutes away from Klang as well as Shah Alam. It also has students in the nearby towns of Kapar and Meru.

RIZQ Islamic School

RIZQ Islamic School is a religious school that is based on the Quran and serves 320 primary learners in the Klang Valley. It offers a highly-individualized learning program and encourages students to develop personal responsibility, cultural diversity, and a strong sense of self-worth. Learning through play is utilized for teaching students, and there is a variety of opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities including sports. The students are encouraged to follow their passions and establish targets. School staff will work alongside parents to ensure an environment that is safe and enjoyable that inspires children to realize their full potential.

Yakult and Apple have also joined forces to give iPads to students. The iPads are used as part of the Islamic Studies lessons, which include stories of the prophets and Muhammad. Students are also taught about prayers and the proper manners of the mosque. The Quran is roughly 5,000 pages long. Students learn it as well. The students who have learned the Quran can even have their progress displayed during an event at the school’s Quran Open House.

Taylor’s College

The college was established in 1893. Taylor’s College has campuses in Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuantan. The college provides two professional courses that include the ACCA paper as well as an Accounting Certified Technician (CAT) certification. The school also offers an American degree program. Apart from KL The college also has branches located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. In addition to the above institutions, the college gives international students a choice between English, Chinese, French, German and Indian languages.

The private school is also home to a world-class university. Students from all over the world will find it a great choice due to its well-known curriculum and contemporary facilities. The university is proud of its ability to provide a comprehensive education which provides students with the capabilities to be competitive in a world market. To achieve this, the university integrates relevant learning into all of its tertiary programs. Additionally, it has strong relationships with industries that are relevant to the subject.

EtonHouse International education organization

EtonHouse is a network of pre-schools situated in Asia’s South-east, and globally recognized, comprising 55 schools. The school’s academic program encourages children to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners and utilizes inquiry-based learning. The school is situated in the beautiful 4,500-square-foot landscape near KLCC It also has facilities for children of all ages, creating a family-like atmosphere.

This English-language school is located within Petaling Jaya and was established in 1946. It is the largest of its kind in Malaysia. More than sixty per cent of the students are foreigners, with classes being taught in English. The school was awarded the Pastoral Initiative Award in the 2019 International School Awards. It is also a member of the Council of British Overseas Schools (COBS) since the year 2013. ASS is an accredited member of the Council of British Overseers (CIS) which means the school has top-quality instruction and learning.

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