Top 5 International Schools in Malaysia

There are a variety of options available of International schools within Malaysia If you’re trying for the top. Some schools focus on international educational opportunities as and those that provide local schools. These schools have demonstrated their capability to teach students from various cultures and countries. They also offer many programs. Consider a school located near to where you live according to your requirements. The next time you think about sending your child an international school, be sure that you look into their quality of accreditation.

It is a stressful task when you have to choose which school to send your child to. Success is directly tied to the college they pick. You might also be in awe of the various choices available and not know which is the best for you. A school advisor can help you make a better decision. If you want to know more regarding the fees and curriculum for the school you attend, get in touch with them.

In the list of schools in Malaysia, ISKL excels in IB performance. The students at ISKL are offered university places from top Canadian colleges, Oxbridge and US-based liberal arts institutions. It also focuses on international collaboration and engagement with the community. Students in high school are expected to help the Asian community by participating in The Global Action Programme. ISKL also offers athletic programs that foster inclusion among students. The school also has a vibrant parent-teacher association.

MATRIX International and Private Schools offers an international progressive school. It provides a top-quality education program, and high-quality teaching and learning from the teachers. The school incorporates the Malaysian National Curriculum as well as the international curriculum so that every child benefit from the internationalization. It accepts children from three to 19 years old and has a number of students in the class of 22-25. Students are able to sign up in the age group of three to nine years.

Havil International School, located less than one kilometre from Kuala Lumpur’s largest transport hub, is a recognizable landmark. The school is the only recognized by Cambridge as an international school in the area. The goal of the school is to provide a high-quality education, and to encourage strong character qualities. The teachers are selected based on their outstanding character and spiritual values. In addition, the curriculum is constructed on these principles.

The Malaysian government has approved five primary charities to be used in the school. The five charities include EPIC Homes, Free Tree Society, Free Tree Society, EPIC Homes, and Street Feeding Programme. International schools’ education is comparable to the curriculum in your local school. It is also globally certified and is an excellent advantage for any person who is moving. Schools that are international could be the ideal option to consider if your family is living abroad. You can also easily move from your local school to another international school.

AISM is the sole school that is an international one located in Malaysia that has an Islamic curriculum with the British curriculum. The school aims to instill Islamic principles and create a learning environment that is secure for children of all ages. Additionally, it introduced a preschool program based on nature using a skills-based method. The school provides a wide range of unique features for pupils. The most suitable school for your child’s education will depend on their preferences and what amenities you’re looking for.

ISKL is a reputable international school which accepts children between three to 18 years of the age of. Students can attend classes of between 24 and 30 students. ISKL is part of both the Green Schools Alliance and Eco-Schools. ISKL has led the way to holistic education for over 50 years. The school’s alumni go on to study at some of the best colleges across the globe. Students consistently perform better than their peers and receive scholarships worth over $3.9 million.

Aside from GIS’s reputation for excellence in academics, GIS has a vibrant tradition in sports. The Dragons teams participate in the highest levels of inter- and regional competitions across many sports. Swimming, football, rugby touch rugby, cross-country are just several of the games that are popular at GIS. The school is a member with good standing in FOBISIA and AIMS. This gives students many sporting options. The Dragons team is regularly involved in weekday league fixtures and weekends tournaments at Kuala Lumpur. The team is also supported by GISKL the sports academy.

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